Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

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Buy/order/purchase Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Online from a legit online Magic Mushrooms shop in  Ann Arbor USA without/no prescription and guaranteed overnight/next day delivery.

Buy a magic mushroom grow kit for a reduced price. Growing mushrooms is easy! Estimating what our valued customers will purchase is less straightforward. Sometimes random strains will get close to their maximum shelf life but still can produce plenty magic mushrooms.

We do not like to throw out good grow kits, therefore we offer them for a reduced price before they expire. Order today and receive a random cubensis magic mushroom growkit.

Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Buy Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Online from a legal magic mushrooms online store in Ann Arbor usa shipping worldwide Buy Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit. Magic Mushroom Grow Kit (Expired) Find a good deal on these grow kits. The best before date is approaching, and we don’t want to waste them by throwing them away when the time comes.

* Please note that no refund or replacement are possible on these short date growkits.

All of our mycelium grow kits are purchased from professional suppliers who manufacture the growkits on our behalf. Shipment to us is overnight in specialized cooled transport, and the grow kits are labeled and stored in our industrial sized cooled climate rooms within two hours of receipt.

Why are these kits so low in price, is something wrong with them?

No nothing is wrong with these kits. They are just getting close to their best before date.


How does Magic Mushrooms Shop know the best before date?

Magic Mushrooms Shop labels the grow kits with the week number from that week when we receive them from our supplier. Our grow kits have a best before date 6 weeks after this week number. Within these 6 weeks, the cultivation process from our grow kits should begin.


How do I know the best before date?

The boxes of the grow kits have stickers on them. The week number is indicated by the sticker with two numbers. This kit was received by Magic Mushrooms Shop.


Which grow kit will I receive?

We will send you the grow kit that has been in our warehouse the longest. We’ll pick one for you, so… surprise surprise! Another sticker on the box indicates the strain you have received.


Can I store the short-dated magic mushroom grow kit in the fridge to grow it later?

No. Begin right away. If it was shipped to a different address, parcel point, or post office, pick it up as soon as possible so you can begin growing. Don’t wait days; that’s the whole point of short-dated stock: there isn’t much time left to get started!


Which growing instructions should I follow?

You could receive a grow kit from one of three companies, each of which has its own set of growing instructions that differs from the others. The short-dated grow kit you receive will be labeled with one of the following codes, indicating which instructions to follow:

7 reviews for Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

  1. Woodworker

    The ordering process was easy enough.
    Deliverd in just a few days.
    As this was my first time I did not 100% think I would have success.
    How ever, after 2 weeks with airing and spraying. And building my own heatingmat. It started showing, and in 3 days they were all over the place.
    Had a Great harvest, now I grow 3 other ones aswell. I love this, the process and the effects of use.
    I Will keep doing this, and keep educating myself.
    Probably I Will try to do the culture stuff in the future ????

    Thank you for a wounderful product

  2. Jean Stella

    The mushrooms were quite small and light compared to another kit I had. The inside of the stem was hollow for example, which the other kit didnt have, but this is maybe due to the strain difference? Basically the hollow stem made them lighter… First harvest produced alot of side and underpins which was solved by putting the cake on its side and having it fruit from all sides. I would probably recommend to get a monotub and put the cake in there instead of the bag though. All together I got 4 flushes out this kit and it now seems spent.

    Potency is alright. Of course i did not do any extractions and its all subjective, but compared to the other shrooms I’ve tried before they were pleasantly strong.

    4 stars and not 5 stars due to the design of the grow kit, sidepins were impossible to prevent even though i taped the kit with black tape to prevent light from shining on the sides. Putting the kit on its smallest surface (upright) solved this but then I had issues with the bag being too small and the mushrooms hitting the bag and getting condensation from the bag on the caps… If the bag was bigger it would be a 5*

  3. Alfred Scott

    Got 3 large flushes so very happy with Outdated Kits

  4. Harris teeter

    Bought 2 of these kits. Both were PES Hawaii and yield great flushes. Nothing to complain 5/5 product.

  5. Max Payne

    Fast service, excellent price I received one small and one XL for the price of one Mondo!
    I’m very happy customer and I will order again!

  6. Hugo malo

    Ordering this grow box got me to know one strain didn´t know and it made a very nice impression. would definitely do it again!
    Everything came in order and fast. Im a fan

  7. Tim baker

    delivery was very fast. compared to other shops i had ordered. had 2 short dated boxes, one mexican (fresh mushrooms). to be honest, didn’t saw diference. ( short dated ones were mexican also). everyting was like instruction said. after two weeks, shrooms started to grow, after a week more, got my first flush. from all 3 growboxes got 4 flushes. just holded them near my home radiator in the bag. very easy to use. got around 40g fully dried shrooms. for me 3g is very nice visual hi medium trip / low high trip. for around 4-5 hours. but can manage to think straight. very visual. surfaces n everythng. waiting for the spring time to try them by the fire. thanks a lot to magic-mushrooms. doing great job. till nex time 😉

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